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to oppose the effort to increase america's debt limit. senator barack obama, march 16, 2006. >> it is not good for obama. he was also -- he also knew that his vote would not make a difference. >> come on. he said what he said pier do not cover for him. >> people do different things at different times. >> there is a deeply depressing column by david brooks in "the new york times" that says the era of the grand bargain, as he calls it, is over. there was a feeling over the past couple of years that both sides would cut taxes and raise entitlements and get a grand bargain. that seemed to be a lost opportunity. obama seems to be moving away from it, congress may have squabbled over the debt ceiling, but they are not going to deal with the essential problem in a meaningful way. >> i am reading a book on lbj. jack kennedy was having the same problem with congress. everything was being sidetracked, they were not going anywhere. >> that is true. i would say this, as far as what senator obama said in 2006, consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. if there was a different attitude
. the families, the obama family, the biden family, and then not far behind them, members of the u.s. senate. i am joined now by a u.s. senator, a new u.s. senator from the state of maine, an independent, senator angus king. nice to have you here today. >> good morning. great day for america. >> we talked about vip seating. this is your fourth inauguration, and this is the best seating you've ever had. >> the seats are getting better all the time. the first time was with my dad when i was 8 years old, standing down on pennsylvania avenue for eisenhower's inauguration. i was at george w. bush's and then obama's last time. a lot warmer today than 2009. it's just a great day. >> reporter: and you have the best view you've had yet. senator, you're independent. you said you wanted to come to washington to shake things up. is that what washington needs. does it need to calm things down? >> i don't -- i think it's a little of both. i think really what we need more than anything else is talking to each other. as bill clinton said, it's arithmetic. if you've got a democratic president, a republican hous
michelle obama. she will be accompanied by the stairs by nancy erikson, the secretary of the senate. karen hoss, mrs. iris wine stawn, wife of chuck schumer, and the wife of harry reed and mr. paul pelosi, the husband of house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, the first lady of the united states, mrs. michelle obama, accompanied by secretary of the senate nancy erikson, clerk of the house of representatives, karen h0. 0s, mrs. schubert, mrs. reed and -- [cheering] >> next up we're going to see the approach and about to be announced of vice president, the world's happiest guy, bill biden. don't think we have ever seen him except in times of national crises without that smile on his face. >> and why not today. >> it's the effect of joe biden's remarks on this administration. they were an odd couple. he was the hot to barack obama's cool. >> he was the punch line for a lot of late-night monologues. if anything, joe biden has emerged in this administration has a key player and indispensable player in dealing with the congress and the political part of politics,
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. obama. senate sergeant at arms, paris w. denner. the house sergeant at arms, paul irving. senator charles schumer. senator lamar alexander. the speaker of the house of representatives, john boehner. senate majority leader, harry reid. and house majority leader, eric cantor. and house minority leader, nancy pelosi. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> justice sotomayer greeting everyone on the podium. there he is with chief justice roberts. and justice kennedy, as well. in a few minutes, we'll be hearing from the chairman of the inaugural committee, senator charles schumer of new york. he will introduced myrlies ev evers-williams. >> of course, he's 51 years old now. let's look at the big screen one more time. >> the honorable charles e. schumer. >> we will have that in a moment. the ceremony has begun. >> mr. president, mr. vice president, members of congress, all who are present, and to all who are watching, welcome to the capitol and to this celebration of our great democracy. now, this -- this is the 57th inauguration of an american president. and no matter how many times one witnesses t
democratic including then senator obama voted against it? >> i would have told him he was wrong. i think it should not be part of negotiation. >>neil: you do not like the extension because it doesn't address it? >> three months doesn't do anything. >>neil: how will wall street be in the remaining weeks? >> nervous about the debt ceiling and sequestration that hurtd g.d.p. and the fiscal deal. again, everyone wants deficit reduction. they do not want debt pour on. >> do you believe there is still an appetite to cut spending? this is a walkway that will connect the white house and the reviewing stand and the motorcade is going to the south side of the white house behind the white house, and the back of this building right now and they go to the white house to this walkway just to get to this reviewing stand. you are looking at there and seeing what, robert? it seems like more gamesmanship in both sides with a brief window. >> the economy is better, that is clear. housing is coming back. there is alignment between the business community and the priorities of the executive office. immigratio
. this iowa drill team features fancy foot work. they performed for senator obama at a 2000 campaign event, and earned an invitation to his first inauguration. and they say it means a lot to be asked back. >> to be able to do it a second time, that means he understood us on a personal way and it's just -- it's mesmerizing. >> yes, nice to be asked back yet again. and this morning, showing you scenes from washington, d.c., and the astronauts on board the international space station will have this view of the inauguration. the iss crew members captured these images of washington, d.c. yesterday. it shows the potomac, and where the inauguration will be held. coming up, james clyburn will talk about the significance of the president's inauguration, happening today, which is martin luther king day. that ahead. first, a commercial break. back right on the other side. this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the
. >> reporter: president obama was your senator. >> he was indeed. he and his wife met at my law firm where i work in chicago. >> reporter: that's some great history that you have there. what are you looking forward to today? >> i'm really looking forward to just the experience. i grew up out here and i went to a lot of inaugurations when i was a kid but i haven't been back in a long type. i think it's the pageantry and the excitement. we were downtown yesterday and the buttons and people are thrilled. it's great. >> reporter: you can feel the energy, the excitement in the air. >> it's awesome. >> reporter: speaking of air, you're from chicago. can you notice that joy has no scarf on. i'm completely bundled up. >> got no gloves. >> reporter: i'm a rookie. >> it's balmy. >> reporter: enjoy yourself on this balmy inauguration day. >> absolutely. >> reporter: have a great day. thank so you much. lots of folks coming to these metro stations on the end of the line and that's exactly what metro was advising folks to do. we have an update. parking here at new carrollton, 40% at capacity. greenbelt,
reform -- when you have barack obama and senator marco rubio essentially in a similar place on immigration reform, i think you're going to get that. >> does the clock run out mid 2014? >> well, i think the record here is about a two-year kind of runway. that sounds about right to me. >> i think it's going to be shorter than that to be honest. let's not forget the fiscal issues and budget issues. he has 30 seconds before he has to sort of dive into those again. the next six months are really going to be full. >> cluck gabriel, sort of the same question to you. the rule of thumb is that the president has about 18 months to get his second term agenda underway and rolling and of course we know that an awful lot of presidential second terms have been marred by either major slips or scandals that impede the attainment of those lofty goals. >> i think 18 months is probably generous, tyler. but, you know, if he essentially does move out quickly on gun control and immigration, you know, immigration is a real wedge issue. that's an issue that democrats really have the potential to rea
: well, according to the congressional record, in 2006, then senator barack obama had this statement just before a debt ceiling vote and i quote, the fact that we are here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure, it's a sign that the u.s. government can't pay its own bills, it's a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government's reckless fiscal policies. leadership means that the buck stops here. instead, washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today on the backs of our children and grandchildren, therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase america's debt limit. in 2008, candidate obama blamed president bush and called the growing debt unpatriotic. >> number 43 added 4 trillion dollars by his lonesome so that we now have over 9 trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to pay back, $30,000 for every man, woman and child, that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> mike: unpatriotic. 9 trillion dollars in debt 2008. we're 16 1/2 trillion dollars in debt today. all right. jo
already committed to. >> mike: well, according to the congressional record, in 2006, then senator barack obama had this statement just before a debt ceiling vote and i quote, the fact that we are here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure, it's a sign that the u.s. government can't pay its own bills, it's a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government's reckless fiscal policies. leadership means that the buck stops here. instead, washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today on the backs of our children and grandchildren, therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase america's debt limit. in 2008, candidate obama blamed president bush and called the growing debt unpatriotic. >> number 43 added 4 trillion dollars by his lonesome so that we now have over 9 trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to pay back, $30,000 for every man, woman and child, that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> mike: unpatriotic. 9 trillion dollars in debt 2008. we're 16 1/2 trillion dollar
to be a state legislature, united states senator, and the president of the united states. obama obviously has to learn all that was required to be president through on the job training. it's possible to conclude, however, observing the weighty legislation passed during his first term that obama is a quick learner. it seems he grappled with the challenges of economic crisis, and the formulation of the stimulus package haltingly. meaning a chance leaning heavily on his economic advisers. the most appropriate comment on the program is that the nation did not falter, that some economic expansion is occurring. the bailout of the automobile industry seems to be a success. the health care legislation frequently lacks presidential leadership and the judgment of most observers, and then final consideration, it is yet to be determined. all this took place with minimal experience. how well is obama beating the six measures of a successful president? he is probably seen as protecting america with the use of drones and special forces killing osama bin laden and members of al qaeda. his withdrawal of troop
in this administration. it was no accident in 2008 when president obama selected then senator joe biden to be his running mate. you'll remember it served in the senate for 38 years. at the time he won the democrat national nomination. barack obama only served the united states senate for only two. joe biden is an old hand at what goes on here. and you have seen that played out over and over again over these past four years. the vice president put in charge with republicans on the debt ceiling and brought in most recently for these 24 proposals that have been put forward on the gun control. and the vice president brokered that last minute deal being avoided at the end of the year. when you look at the obama presidency and four years from now when this history is going to be written, vice president joe biden is going to fill a roll in that history that is particular to him and larger than any other vice president we have seen before. really reinvented the vice president before that, they did not have all that much to do besides check on the health of the president. but really, the modern era now we've seen
hour away from the start of the inauguration ceremony in washington, d.c. for president obama's second term. there's senator john kerry there. there's senator levin next to him. members of the united states congress now filing out. there's orrin hatch of utah. there's john mccain and there's san francisco senator dorothy -- dianne feinstein. >> there you go. >> forgive me. i'm trying to think of all of the names i'm seeing. they are filing in. an estimated 800,000 people are barked out there waiting for their historic ceremony. the activities are tu to begin -- are due to begin at 8:30. after the president is sworn in, he will deliver his inaugural address and then there will be a parade down pennsylvania avenue. tori campbell is there. and we will be following all of the events right here for you. >>> back here in the bay area, a popular gun buyback event in marin county continues today. there will be one thing missing. the buyback part of that. tara moriarty joins us to explain. >> reporter: well, today is martin luther king, junior day, of course, the district attorney is saying be
obama, accompanied by senator schumer. [applause] >> please be seated. mr. president. ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. mr. president, mr. vice president, honored guests, my colleagues on the joint congressional committee on the inaugural ceremonies and i are pleased to welcome you to today's inaugural luncheon. in this historic room we look around at the 35 statues representing men and women, well, one woman. thank you illinois and senator durbin for the statue of frances willard, though i feel obligated to say she was born in rochester, new york. thankfully, she will soon have a company when rosa parks completes her journey from the back of the bus to the front of statuary hall later this year. [applause] now we look around and remember the men and women who helped to define our nation. they like us worked hard to move this country forward. here in this hall, four presidents took the oath of office. here abraham lincoln served his single term in congress, and john quincy adams, the only former president to return to
of power; obama in the white house, democrats in control of the senate, republicans of the house. but appearances can be deceiving and in this case are. the most important reality of the election is that the republican effort to oppose anything and everything proposed by obama almost like a parliamentary party was not rewarded. taking the debt ceiling hostage was not rewarded, calling the obama health care plan -- which was their own only a few years earlier -- socialism was not reward withed. rewarded. that means they have to begin to rethink themselves and, importantly, democrats will not automatically embrace the same tactics in opposition. so i think that was the important change that creates a new dynamic not that's going to solve our problems. there's going to be no sitting around the campfire in washington making nice to one another. but the possibility now exists for a real effort and a successful effort to deal with our most pressing problems. >> host: two familiar washington faces, thomas mann and norm ornstein. "it's even worse than it looks." this is booktv on c-span2
on inaugural ceremonies. elite group chaired by senator chuck schumer. other choice seats behind the obamas, presidential guests. friends and family, also some big donors and romney emanuel walk in now. one person not going to be here, the designated survivor. this is the member of the cabinet who does not show up just in case the unimaginable happens. we do not know who that is at this point. behind the bidens, this will be the former players. past presidents. rich tradition in our country. bill and hillary clinton will sit there. jimmy carter. but no bushes this time around. george h.w. bush staying behind in texas, of course, trying to recover from that ill must that he has been suffering. george w. bush and laura sent their regrets and said their thoughts are with the obamas. surrounded by military power. joint chiefs. they took their seat. behind the court you have house leadership, other house members, and over here, senate leadership and the full senate, members of congress, they are all miles today. battles ahead, those smiles could be changing soon. most blood seats. they go to the
it when president obama goes around the united states congress, bottom line, missouri senator roy blunt is saying the time for president obama to be more realistic. >> he speaks in general terms, he likes the executive order approach a whole lot better than the legislative approach and you really can't get all that more with the executive orders, you've he got to legislate and realistically, you don't control the entire congress. >> and blunt says with divided congress with republicans controlling the house, that requires compromise and he says there is an opportunity if there's proper leadership to get some big things done, harris. >> harris: you know, from outside washington it's pretty basic for people looking in. 1,362 days since senate democrats passed a budget. a key area where there is discord between these parties seem to be that, passing a budget. >> well, you're absolutely right and republicans love hammering the democratic controlled senate for that figure, the fact that it's been almost four years since they passed a budgets. they like quoting the number more than 1360 days,
, the president of the united states, barack h. obama and mrs. obama, accompanied by senator charles e. schumer and mrs. schumer. [applause] ♪ . shepard: clam chowder, sweet potato hey is the first course. bison, butter nut, squash, puree, baby golden beats and green beans. red potato horse raddish cake. wild huckleberry reduction. then there is a dessert of course. third course, hudson valley apple pie with sour cream ice cream, aged chee and honey. pie dough, sim mon apple crumble, apples, sour cream, maple caramel finish. we're having day old pizza. that sounds delicious. guess what the calorie count if you eat it all is? >> if you eat all of your courses at your lunch you're consuming more than 3,000 calories and 182 grams of sugar. shepard: correct. and that sounds perfect to me. fat, per serving, 45.7 grams. it is going to be a great day. mr. president president? >> mr. president? >> ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. mr. president, mr. vice president, honored guests, my colleagues on the joint congressional committee on inaugural
on. >> former senator tom daschle and linda who playing a huge role in bringing barack obama to the national stage via the kerry campaign. daschle tells a fabulous story about meeting barack obama. he was a democratic leader -- there's the president. >> there's the president with chuck schumer, the chair of the inaugural committee. also no overcoat. >> i have to tell you, chuck schumer, if he's not the next senate leader, i don't know who is. his power in relation to the haguele nomination was awesome. he was the green light for that nomination. >> a big endorsement on "meet the press" after a 90-minute interview with chuck hagel. and chuck schumer has a very special manner of knowing how to cut to the chase and asked the direct question, and it's like, you and i were talking earlier about middle of the road. you get somebody who is close friends with both and you make them decide, where are you? he's kind of that way. >> chuck schumer as the chair of the inaugural committee has a high-profile role in all of today's ceremonies. the same way dianne feinstein did in 2009. but c
out his most meaningful possession, a war patch he always kept with him. >> senator obama, i want you to have this. i have been carrying this patch for 40 years. i think it will bring you good luck in your journey. >> reporter: he hoped it would inspire the senator during the heated campaign. >> that patch represented my family, my relatives, my friends and it represented all the people in the united states of america. >> reporter: valerie jarrett, the president's top adviser to president obama didn't know earl's name, but he never forgot his generosity. >> when he wakes up in the morning, it is with people just like earl smith in mind. >> reporter: it wasn't until weeks ago when the washington reporter put the pieces together and found earl. >> the more digging i did, the more interesting it became. and the richer it became. >> reporter: earl's story begins in south texas. his ancestors were slaves and he grew up working in the cotton fields. >> came from a family that was very hard-working people. but there again, that's the definition of american families. >> reporter: in his early
that are very real and very powerful coming up. obama has tried to demonize the debt ceiling. okay. set it back with a condition. okay democrats in the senate. you have not passed a budget in three years. the reason why the democrats have control of the senate is that harry reid has said democratic senators in the witness protection program with ever -- whenever budget issues come up. twenty democrats are up for election in 2014. half of them should not be coming back of the continue to vote with obama on tax and spend crazy debt policies which is what they have been doing. i think it is very important for the american people to see what the senate has not done and to force them to act but that. gerri: you sure can't act -- argue with that. the senate has not passed a budget and 1,361 days. let me get a comment. it would stop pay to members of congress if they don't do some of these things, if they don't get a budget resolution. you in favor of that? >> i think it's a good idea for two reasons. senators have not been doing democratic leaders have not been doing their job for a long time. they s
in exchange for cooperation on the debt ceiling. republican senator roy blunt of missouri says president obama should study president lincoln. >> when hard things get done, they get done because a president decided he was going to do what was necessary to get them done and that means you got to realistically look at the world you live in and the washington you've been given by the american voters to work with. >> reporter: and that means a divided congress and another election season not far away. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> let's bring in now fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin on this discussion about the inauguration and expand a little bit on some of the president's accomplishments and his challenges coming up his second term, mark. let's start with his accomplishments in the first four years. what would you say some of the biggest accomplishments the president made? >> you have to start with health insurance. that's when had he a democratic -- when he had a democratic house and senate. that was his chief legislative goal and he accomplished that. killing osama bin laden, maybe it i
of the senate, clerk of the house of representatives. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> mrs. obama making her way to the rest of her family, her daughters and her mother. the president will be seated next to them shortly. next, we should be hearing the announcer present the vice president of the united states. norah, as we watch the vice president making his way to the west front of the capitol, let's switch to you for a moment. >> that's right. and you know, the vice president last night was at an inaugural reception, and he was singing the praises of his boss, barack obama, and saying he's just getting started, he's just getting started. and he promised supporters at this reception last night that in the weeks and months ahead, that they would reduce gun violence in america, that they would pass comprehensive immigration reform, and he said, "we're going to put this nation's economy on a sustainable path." so, vice president biden has been an integral part, certainly, of this administration. and scott, there was a funny moment, too, this weekend during some of the festivities when the vice pres
for that. thank you, senator, always a champion for your state. cbs news live coverage of the second inauguration with president obama back in just a moment. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. >> pelley: welcome back to cbs news coverage of the president's second inauguration. you're looking at a live picture of the national mall, this camera facing the mall in the direction the president was facing. this is what he saw as he delivered his speech, the long national ma
on that. looks like everybody is okay. scary situation though. bill: republican senator roy blunt said president obama was confrontational in his first term. telling "fox news sunday" an chris wallace saying he does not expect anything different over the next four years. >> seems like a lot like the old combativers in. the president said during the campaign said you can't solve props from inside washington. there is only one guy that can actually lead in washington in a way to find a solution to big problems and that's the president. he speaks in general terms. he likes the executive order approach, a whole lot better than the legislative approach. where i think the common ground exists on the need to reduce the deficit in balanced way to have the economy grow among democrats on the hill and a few republicans. barrier to progress is not the president. we need to see more republicans in congress willing to compromise. bill: you're going to hear an awful let about this throughout the day. joe trippi, former advisor to several democratic presidential campaigns and also a fox news contribu
going back to on 2004 and the speech that then a state senator from illinois named barack obama gave at the democratic convention. so it's sort of echoing the same theme that launched his national career of this idea of trying to bring the country together. you remember that speech. there's no red america, there's not a -- you know, there's one god, there's not a red god wab blue god, things like that. and yet this has been the promise, the big promise he made about his '08 campaign in his 2009 inaugural that he hasn't been able to keep. the white house will say it's because those guys on the side of pennsylvania avenue that he's hanging around with right now, they haven't been able to -- have wanted to reach out on their end. but he's going to talk about the same issue, trying to bring america together, trying to cut through the gridlock that has been sort of hanging over us going back to that first speech he gave that made him so popular in the first place. >> by the way, we're watching the biden family. carrying the pull out couch biden family bible under the arm of bo biden. they
sat down and interview him was an early 2004 when he was running for the senate. even then he was a one- man operation. >> one thing i learned especially with obama politicians do not care what you did for the minister did they care about what you could do for them today. >> did you get a sense that this was a man who had a vision on the white house? >> i thought he was going to become a senator. even when he was running i thought he would be a better candidate for senate. he had a white background he came from a white family. here i thought he was running the wrong race when he ran against bobby rush. he has never meant to be the representative of one race. he was meant to be a bridge between different races. he deserved to lose. as a terrible candidate. >> you listen to the speech today and how are you moved by the difference? >> when he first both he could suck the energy of the room. he was like a professor. his staff was telling them that there's a difference between a speech in front of a law school class and a campaign speech. he was this not getting that. he spent
's hand, senator charles schumer's hand, kissing his wife michelle obama and his daughters and his mother-in-law. >> at this time, please to me in welcoming kelly clarkson accompanied by the united states marine band. >> ♪my country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee i sing. land where my fathers died! land of the pilgrim's pride! from every mountain side, let freedom ring! let music swell the beach and ring from all the trees sweet freedom songs. let mortal times await let all that repartee that rocks their silence break, the sound prolong. my father god to the master of liberty to thee we sing long may our land be bright with freedom's holy light protect us by thy might great god, our king! ♪ [applause] >> wow! [laughter] our next distinguished guest is the poet richard who will share with us words he has composed for this occasion. [applause] >> mr. president, mr. vice president, america one today, one sun rose on us today kindles over our shores, peeking over the snow peas, greeting the faces of the great lakes spreading a simple truth across the great plains and charging
years ago, ten years ago you met state senator barack obama, now you were there today at his second inauguration as president. quite a ride for you. what were your emotions as you sat there on the inaugural stage? >> well, i looked at him and i looked at the faces from his past and my past who have been along on the journey and extraordinary thing to think about the incredible path we've taken together. you can see it in his face, in his hair as well, i mean, it's been a challenging one, but incredibly invigorating one as well. i was very proud, very, very proud. >> david axelrod, good reason for you to be proud. thank you so much. and bret and megyn, back to you. >> megyn: thank you. we've been getting about who is in all of the buses that we're seeing going up and down the parade route. we're told that those are the officials who are taking in the ceremony on capitol hill and did not get an invitation to the luncheon. >> bret: you almost said dignitaries. >> megyn: i owe chris wallace 50 cents and when he comes out next i will give it to him, but first, make good on our promise. l
: we've got governors and senators on this side behind me. on the stage right behind president obama and his family and of course their invited guests. on the other side of the family will have the joint chiefs of staff, the u.s. supreme court, the leadership from both the house and senate side and in terms of having juice and having front row seat, if you could see this crowded media podium i'm on, i don't know that you would say i have that much pull around here. it is an absolutely fabulous view for an historic day. >> a lot of people talking about what michelle obama is going to wear. who are you wearing today? >> reporter: what am i wearing today? >> what designer? >> reporter: which designer am i wearing? probably someone you have never heard of it. i wouldn't want to blow the surprise. remember that lemongrass dress she wore four years ago, the coat and dress was very popular. we'll wait to see what she wears today sporting her brand new bangs. >> thank you, tracie potts. appreciate it. >>> today is also martin luther king, jr., today. in the bay area people will celebrate wit
in a circle. that is the transition that is shocking for a lot of first-time presidents and obama had only been a senator. he never had the kind of pomp and circumstance that comes with those positions and he had to make an adjustment and the whole family did because of the new hyper-security they were dealing with. related to the church, obama will take his oath on the bible that was owned by a lincoln and a bible that was owned by dr. king and that is significant because this is sending a message about how he thinks about his presidency, what historic figures he wants to link to, and what kind of meaning he wants to send when he takes the oath. it is important that you have that for the first time, the martin luther king bible that the president will take his oath on. host: you are seeing is the west front of the capital, glee human -- university. we will try to join them for a minute or so before the house comes in. we have 15 minutes before the house comes in. it has do a little work and the president -- they have to do a little bit of works of the house will come in in 15 minutes and
. she was also nominated by president obama to serve in her role as assistant secretary of education for civil rights and she was confirmed by the senate in may of 2009. as assistant secretary, ruslyn is assistant secretary arnie's duncan's primary advisor. before she joined the department of education she was vice president of the education trust in washington, dc and was the founding executive of education trust west in oakland. in these positions she advocated for public school students in california, focusing on achievement and opportunity gaps, improving can urriculum and instructional quality and ensuring quality education for everybody. she served as an advisor on education issues on a number of private ipbs institutions, she is a teacher, a lawyer, and a very influential voice on all policy matters. she was also passionate about ending this issue of bullying and bringing everyone together to stop this disturbing trend so please welcome assistant secretary for civil rights, ruslyn lee. as i said, our moderator is not always our lieutenant governor, of course he needs to
of getting his way. >> he needs to target red states. he needs to target some of these senators out there who could be moved on some of these issues. it could be a brilliant plan if barack obama and execute it properly. >> i hope he turns the country around. gets the economy back on solid ground. and move the progressive agenda floor. >> we have to get the economy going. to many people are unemployed. >> gun control, immigration reform, and deficit reduction. >> monday happens to be a federal holiday in the u.s.. >> what is memorable about this inauguration, it comes on martin luther king's birthday, the holiday we celebrate. he's using martin luther king jr.'s bible. he has got to take off from his great speech, i have a dream, back in 1963. and remember, martin luther king's dream did not only include ending segregation. it included ending needless wars, fighting poverty, and making america a more equal country. barack obama, tell us what your dream is for the second term and once that is over, once you have inspired us, go about the hard work of implementing that dream. it is a dream speec
committee. president obama doesn't have time to bask in the ceremony. he has several issues. >> he unveiled a sweeping proposal to stem gun violence. senators debated whether his plan could be effective yesterday on meet t"meet the p. >>> i don't think it's constructive what the president is doing. within minutes of that horrible tragedy in newtown, the president tried to exploit that tragedy to push a gun control agenda that's designed to appeal to partisans, designed to appeal to his political partisans. >> to not talk about guns when comes to gun violence is to not talk about smoking when it comes to lung cancer. it just doesn't make any sense much it's part of the problem and we have to deal with it. >> republicans say they don't even expect the senate to vote on the president's gun control proposals. the white house says it expects that it has enough support from the public to get the legislation passed. >>> while most of the focus is on president obama's second term and what he plans to do, there is also talk about the first lady's second term issues. >> err first term focused on figh
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